by the Prince & Princess of Wales (King George V & Queen Mary)

timeline of the royal visit to india 1905-1906

Initial timeline (in black type) based on the official program in the Tour of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales 1905-06, published prior to the visit by the Government in India, and given to each member of the Royal Party and Royal Household upon arrival in Bombay. I-[i]    


Information is from all available sources to attempt to present the actual timeline / sequence of events for the visit.  Footnotes will identify the sources of the changes.  (Note: If a footnote appears only at the first change or addition on a given day, it applies to all other changes or additions on that day unless otherwise stated.)


Additions, Corrections, & Notes are added in Blue, except for the following major contributors that are in the color shown:


- Programmes of the Ceremonies to be Observed at Visits Between His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Native Chiefs in India 1905-06 are in Purple I-[ii]


References in the Press to the Visit of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales to India 1905-1906 are in Orange I-[iii]


- Sir Bryan Godfrey-Faussett, "Private Journal: 01 Oct 1905 - 26 Dec 1906" are in Green I-[iv]    


Deletions & Cancellations are in Red.




Sunday, 11th December 1904


Sir Walter Lawrence asked by the Prince of Wales to be the Chief of Staff for the Royal Visit to India in 1905-6. I-[v]    




PORTSMOUTH to GENOA. – The H.M.S. Renown and the H.M.S. Terrible departed Portsmouth on the 8th October 1905.  Captain Campbell in command of the “Terrible”, Commodore Tyrwhitt in command of “Renown”, and Commander Bryan Godfrey-Faussett was the only member of the Royal Household to accompany the two ships to Genoa. I-[vi]     




Sunday, 8th October 1905


0800      “Renown” & “Terrible” sail from Portsmouth. I-[vii]    




Thursday, 12th October 1905 


0800      “Renown” & “Terrible” arrive at Gibraltar.  I-[viii]    


Saturday, 14th October 1905 


1700      “Renown” & “Terrible” depart Gibraltar for Genoa. I-[ix]    




Wednesday, 18th October 1905 


0930      “Renown” & “Terrible” tie up in the harbor at Genoa. I-[x]    


Thursday, 19th October 1905 


0030      Lord & Lady Shaftesbury, Frank Dugdale, and Sir Charles Cust arrive in Genoa by train. I-[xi]    

0930      Two escort ships “Lancaster” & “Suffolk” arrive at Genoa.




LONDON to GENOA. – The Prince and Princess left Victoria Station, London on the 19th October 1905 and traveled overland through Europe to meet up with H.M.S. Renown in Genoa on the 20th October 1905. I-[xii]   


Thursday, 19th October 1905 


1140      Departed Victoria Station I-[xiii]

1325      Arrived Dover

1335      Departed Dover

1445      Arrived Calais

1535      Departed Calais

1905      Arrived Paris (Gare du Nord)

1940      Departed Paris (Gare du Nord)

2015      Arrived Paris (Gare du Lyon)

2105      Departed Paris (Gare du Lyon)

2315      Arrived Laroche

2320      Departed Laroche




Friday, 20th October 1905 


0454      Arrive Culoz I-[xiv]

0457      Depart Culoz

0518      Arrive Aix-les-Bains

0519      Depart Aix-les-Bains

0705      Arrive St. Jean de Marienne

0710      Depart St. Jean de Marienne

0756      Arrive Modane

0915      Depart Modane (Central European    Time)

1227      Arrive Turin

1235      Depart Turin

1645      Arrive Genoa (St. Limbania)


ROYAL HOUSEHOLD. – Members of the Royal Household already in Genoa.




Friday, 20th October 1905 


TBD       Sir Charles Cust, Commodore Tyrwhitt, & Captain Campbell go ashore to meet the Royal Party at the train station. I-[xv]    

1630      Lord & Lady Shaftesbury, Frank Dugdale, and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett board the “Renown”.

1645      Royal Train arrives in Genoa.

1700      Prince & Princess of Wales, Lady Eva Dugdale, Sir Arthur Bigge, Sir Walter Lawrence, and Derek Keppel arrive on board the “Renown”.

TBD       Lord Crichton on board the “Terrible”.

1730      Captain Campbell, Lord & Lady Shaftesbury, Frank Dugdale, and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett return to the “Terrible”.




H.M.S. TERRIBLE – The “Terrible” went from Genoa straight to Suez.  The members of the Royal Party onboard the “Terrible” made a side trip to Cairo, while those on the H.M.S. Renown attended naval exercises put on by the Mediterranean fleet.


Friday, 20th October 1905 


1745      H.M.S. Terrible sails from Genoa harbor. I-[xvi]    


Saturday, 21st October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

2330      Pass near Stromboli. I-[xvii]    


Sunday, 22nd October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Pass through the Straits of Messina. I-[xviii]    


Monday, 23rd October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Pass Crete. I-[xix]    


Tuesday, 24th October 1905 


1400      H.M.S. Terrible arrives at Port Said. I-[xx]    

1845      Frank Dugdale, Lord Crichton, Jimmy Watson (A.D.C. to Khedive and Pasha), and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett take train with private carriage from Port Said to Cairo. 

2325      Train arrives in Cairo


Wednesday, 25th October 1905 


TBD       Review of Egyptian Troops with Major-General Sir Reginald Wingate. I-[xxi]    

1530      Tour of the Pyramids & Sphinx. I-[xxii]    


Thursday, 26th October 1905 


TBD       Tour Citadel and Mosque. I-[xxiii]    

TBD       Egyptian Museum.

TBD       Cairo Zoo.


Friday, 27th October 1905 


0500      Train to a Fox Hunt. I-[xxiv]    

0700      Return to Cairo.

0830      Back at Hotel.

0930      Breakfast.

TBD       Lord Cromer’s visit at the Hotel.

1245      Steam launch trip on the Nile to Delta Barrage.

TBD       Tour botanical gardens.

1730      Return to Cairo.


Saturday, 28th October 1905 


1200      Train from Cairo to Suez (via Ismailia). I-[xxv]    

1700      Train arrives in Suez.

1800      Frank Dugdale, Lord Crichton, and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett back on the “Terrible”.

1900      “Renown” arrives in Suez.

TBD       Dinner for Royal Party and Household on the “Renown”.


H.M.S. RENOWN – After leaving Genoa the H.M.S. Renown was escorted by the “Lancaster” & “Suffolk” to meet the Mediterranean Fleet, commanded by Admiral Charles Beresford, to observe naval exercises from the 23rd to the 27th of October 1905 arriving at Suez on the 28th.


Friday, 20th October 1905 


1700      Prince & Princess of Wales, Lady Eva Dugdale, Sir Arthur Bigge, Sir Walter Lawrence, and Derek Keppel arrived on board the “Renown”I-[xxvi]  


Saturday, 21st October 1905 


TBD       “Renown” and escort ships “Lancaster” & “Suffolk” sails from Genoa.


Sunday, 22nd October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.


Monday, 23rd October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.


Tuesday, 24th October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.


Wednesday, 25th October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.


Thursday, 26th October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.


Friday, 27th October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       “Renown” arrives at Port Said.


Saturday, 28th October 1905 


1900      “Renown” arrives in Suez. I-[xxvii]    

TBD       Dinner for Royal Party and Household on the “Renown” - Their Royal Highnesses, Lord & Lady Shaftesbury, Frank & Lady Eva Dugdale, Sir Arthur Bigge, Sir Walter Lawrence, Charles Cust, Lord Crichton, Derek Keppel, Commodore Tyrwhitt, Captain Campbell, and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett.






Sunday, 29th October 1905 


1000      Their Royal Highnesses, Sir Walter Lawrence, Sir Arthur Bigge, Lady Eva Dugdale, Charles Cust, and Derek Keppel arrive on board the “Terrible”. I-[xxviii]    

TBD       Inspection of the crew by His Royal Highness.

TBD       Presentation of the Officers to H.R.H.

1100      Their Royal Highnesses, Sir Walter Lawrence, Sir Arthur Bigge, Lady Eva Dugdale, Charles Cust, and Derek Keppel return to the “Renown”.

1200      “Renown” & “Terrible” sail from Suez for Bombay.


Monday, 30th October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. I-[xxix]    


Tuesday, 31st October 1905 


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. 


Wednesday, 1st November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. 


Thursday, 2nd November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. 


Friday, 3rd November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. I-[xxx]    

1200      Arrive Aden – remain under weigh.

TBD       Governor of Aden lunch with T.R.H.s on the “Renown”.

TBD       “Fox” and “Proserpine” cruisers join as escorts from Aden to Bombay.

1630      Depart Aden


Saturday, 4th November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Bridge Tournament in the Ward Room on the “Terrible”. I-[xxxi]    


Sunday, 5th November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Church Service. I-[xxxii]    

TBD       Holy Communion Service.


Monday, 6th November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Dinner for members of the Royal Party on the “Terrible” in the Ward Room. I-[xxxiii]    

TBD       Dance on deck.


Tuesday, 7th November 1905


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Ships entertainment – singing on the Quarter Deck. I-[xxxiv]    


Wednesday, 8th November 1905


ALL        At Sea.


Thursday, 9th November 1905


TBD       Arrive of the coast of Bombay – remain 15 miles out until 1030. I-[xxxv]    

1030      “Renown” & “Terrible” proceed to appointed place and anchor about 1-½ miles out.




Thursday, 9th November 1905


1200      HMS Renown will anchor in Bombay Harbor, and His Excellency the Naval Commander-in-Chief (Admiral Poe) will go on board.  

1520      Members of the H.R.H.’s Staff landed. I-[xxxvi]   

1530      His Excellency the Viceroy (Lord Curzon) and Staff will go on board.

1545      His Excellency the Governor (Lord Lamington) and Staff, the Members of Council and the Chief Justice will go on board. 

1600      Land at Bunder.  Presentation of the Chiefs.  Municipal Address and Reply to Municipal Address.

1730      Drive in State through part of the Native City to Government House, where His Royal Highness will be received on alighting by His Excellency the Governor.

2015      Dinner at Government House.  (40 people including Lord & Lady Curzon, Lord Lamington, and Lady Ampthill - filling in as hostess as Lady Lamington is in England.) I-[xxxvii]   


Friday, 10th November 1905


1030      Receive visits of the: Maharaja of Kolhapur. (19 Guns) I-[xxxviii]

1045      Rao of Cutch.  (17 Guns)

1100      Nawab of Junagadh.  (11 Guns)

1115      Jam of Navanagar.  (11 Guns)

1130      Thakur Sahib of Bhavnagar.  (11 Guns)

1145      Raja Sahib of Dhrangadhra.  (11 Guns)

1200      Raja of Rajpipla.  (11 Guns)

1215      Nawab of Cambay.  (11 Guns)

1230      Rana of Porbandar.  (11 Guns)

1245      Thakur Sahib of Gondal.  (11 Guns)

1630      Ceremonial drive through bazaars.  Open new street en route.

2000      Banquet (at which certain Native Chiefs will be present) followed by Levee at Secretariat.  

2000      Her Royal Highness the Princess will hold Purdah Party at Government House.


Saturday, 11th November 1905


1000      Return visits of the: Maharaja of Kolhapur

1025      Rana of Porbandar

1050      Nawab of Cambay

1115      Raja Sahib of Dhrangadhra

1140      Thakur Sahib of Bhavnagar

1630      Lay the foundation stone of the Museum.  Visit Dockyard and Flagship (H.M.S. Hyacinth). I-[xxxix]

2000      Banquet at which some Native Notables will be present (101 people) followed by reception first of Native Chiefs and then general reception.  (2-3,000 people)


Sunday, 12th November 1905


1800      Divine Service at the Cathedral.


Monday, 13th November 1905


1000      Return visits of the: Raja of Rajpipla.

1020      Nawab of Junagadh.

1050      Rao of Cutch.

1110      Jam of Navanagar.

1140      Thakur Sahib of Gondal I-[xl]

1630      Lay foundation stone of New Dock, and call at the Yacht Club.


Tuesday, 14th November 1905


1030      Interviews and receptions of minor Chiefs:


- Raja of Dharampur

- Raja of Bansda

- Raja of Bariya

- Raja of Sunth

- Sar Desai of Savantvadi

- Raj Saheb of Vankaner

- Thakur Saheb of Wadhwan.

Collectively: Raja of Jawhar, Chief of Mudhol, Chief of Miraj (senior), Chief of Jamakhandi, Chief of Kurundvad (senior), Chief of Ramdurg, two Chiefs of Kurundvad (junior), Pant Sachiv of Bhor, Chief of Phaltan, and the Chief of Mansa.

TBD       Group photo with T.R.H.s and Lord Lamington’s Suite I-[xli]

TBD       Drive through Children’s Fete to landing stage and by Stream Launch to Elephanta Caves.

TBD       Diner Party onboard the “Renown”. (36 people) I-[xlii]

TBD       Observe illuminations from the “Renown”.

2130      Land to go to Rail Station

2230      Private departure.




Wednesday, 15th November 1905


1330      Change into metre gauge train at Butlam. I-[xliii]

1700      Public arrival.

1800      Ceremony of Mizaj-Pursi. I-[xliv]


Thursday, 16th November 1905


1100      Receive Visit of the Maharaja Dhiraj Holkar of Indore. I-[xlv]

TBD       Begum of Bhopal and Raja of Sailana rehearsal for investiture. I-[xlvi]

1620      Prince of Wales escorted from the Residency to the Maharaja's residence. I-[xlvii]

1630      Return Visit to the Maharaja Dhiraj Holkar of Indore.

1730      Durbar for remaining Chiefs, Thakurs and Native Gentlemen.

2030      Banquet (100 people) at the Residency followed by reception, at which the Begum of Bhopal (G.C.I.E.) and the Raja of Sailana (K.C.I.E.) will be invested with the Insignia of the Indian Empire. I-[xlviii]


Friday, 17th November 1905


1000      Return the visit of the Maharaja Dhiraj Holkar.

1100      Return the visits of: Maharaja of Rewa.

1125      Maharaja of Orchha.

1150      Maharaja of Datia.

1215      Raja of Dewas.

1530      Inspection of the Bhopal Victoria Lancers.

1830      Private departure.

2000      1 Hour Stop: Dinner in the train. I-[xlix]




Saturday, 18th November 1905


0730      Tea and Dress for arrival on the Train. I-[l]

0830      Public arrival.

1200      Receive the visit of the Maharana of Udaipur.

1230      Return the visit of the Maharana of Udaipur.

2030      Banquet at the Palace.


Sunday, 19th November 1905


1100      Devine service.

1530      Boating on the Lake.


Monday, 20th November 1905


0930      Shooting and sightseeing. I-[li]

TBD       Tea at the Residency.

1830      Private departure.




Tuesday, 21st November 1905


0830      Public arrival.

TBD       Drive to the Residency. I-[lii]

1130      Receive the visit of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

1230      Return the visit of the Maharaja of Jaipur.  Visit Museum.

1530      Presentation of Address by the Ajmer Municipality.

1600      Duck and Black Buck shooting at Khatipura.

TBD       Dinner at the Residency.


Wednesday, 22nd November 1905


TBD       Pig Sticking. I-[liii]

1000      Breakfast.

TBD       H.R.H., General Beatson, and General Pratap Singh on Tiger hunt. (Prince’s first Tiger)

2030      Banquet in the Palace. (80 people)


Thursday, 23rd November 1905


TBD       Pig Sticking. I-[liv]

1200      Special Train for Tiger shoot.

1230      Tiger shoot. (No Tiger)

1600      Inspect the Imperial Service Transport Corps.

1800      Private departure.

2000      1 Hour Stop: Dinner in the train at Sambhar.




Friday, 24th November 1905


0830      Public arrival.

1130      Receive the visit of the Maharaja of Bikanir.

1230      Return the visit of the Maharaja of Bikanir.

TBD       Motor to Gajner(20 miles) I-[lv]




Saturday, 25th November 1905


0715      Imperial Sand Grouse shoot at the Tanks at Gajner. I-[lvi]

1100      Breakfast.

TBD       H.R.H. and Maharaja Chikara shoot.

TBD       Pig Sticking.


Sunday, 26th November 1905


TBD       Devine service.

TBD       Mail Delivery.  I-[lvii]

1700      Feeding of Wild Pigs.

1730      Camel rides for members of the Royal Party.


Monday, 27th November 1905


0715      Imperial Sand Grouse shoot at the Tank at Gajner. I-[lviii]

1530      Return by motor to Bikanir.




TBD       Tour for H.R.H. and Staff of the Palace and Armory. I-[lix]

TBD       Banquet at Palace. (Not attended, the Prince was sick)

TBD       Quite dinner: T.R.H.s, Staff, and Maharaja

2140      Carriage Ride to the Station.

2230      Private departure.




Tuesday, 28th November 1905


0940      Change into the Royal Train at Bhatinda. I-[lx]

1500      Public arrival.

TBD       Drive to Government House. The Punjab Chiefs and Darbaris will be assembled near the Fort. (80 Punjab Darbaris)

TBD       Presentation of Municipal Address en route at Town Hall. 

2000      State Banquet.

2145      General reception (Durbar) at Montgomery Hall. (300 men total)


Wednesday, 29th November 1905


1100      Receive visits of: Maharaja of Patiala.

1115      Nawab of Bahawalpur.

1130      Raja of Jind.

1145      Raja of Nabha.

1200      Raja of Kapurthala.

1215      Raja of Mandi.

1230      Regent of Maler Kotla.

1245      Raja of Faridkot.

1300      Raja of Chamba.

1315      Raja of Suket.

TBD       Visit Dufferin Hospital.

TBD       After dinner illuminations of Shahlimar Gardens.


Thursday, 30th November 1905


1115      Return visits of: Maharaja of Patiala.

1130      Nawab of Bahawalpur.

1145      Raja of Nabha.

1200      Raja of Jind

1415      Raja of Kapurthala.

1430      Raja of Mandi.

1445      Raja of Faridkot.

1600      H. R. H. the Prince will visit the Aitchison College

1600      H. R. H. the Princess will attend a Purdah Party.

2145      Ball at Montgomery Hall. (800-900 people) I-[lxi]


Friday, 1st December 1905


1000      Parade at Mian Mir of Imperial Service Troops from Patiala, Bahawalpur, Jind, Nabba, Kapurthala, Sirmur, Maler Kotla, and Faridkot. (117 Officers, 3,515 NCOs and Men)I-[lxii]

1100      Open University Hall.

TBD       Visit Fort.

1600      Garden Party. (600 people)

2230      Private departure. (Dugdales, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset remained)




Saturday, 2nd December 1905


1000      Public arrival.

TBD       Receive Address from Municipal Committee and Raises of the Province.

1600      Garden Party.

2000      Banquet.

2145      Reception.


Sunday, 3rd December 1905


1030      Dugdale, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset take train from Lahore for Amritsar. I-[lxiii]

1100      Divine Service.

1230      Dugdale, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Amritsar.

TBD       Dugdale, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset tour Golden Temple and surrounds.

TBD       Drive with General Officer Commanding Division through Cantonments.

1640      Dugdale, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset take train from Amritsar to Lahore.

2100      Dugdale, Cust, and Godfrey-Fausset arrive at Lahore.      


Monday, 4th December 1905


0945      Drive to Landi Kotal.

1300      Arrive Landi Kotal.

1300      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset take train from Lahore to Jellundur. I-[lxiv]

TBD       Dugdales take train from Lahore to Rawal Pindi.

1500      Leave Landi Kotal.

1530      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Jellundur.

1540      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset 11 mile horse ride from Jellundur to Kapurthala.

1600      Halt at Ali Masjid for introduction of Khans.

1730      Arrive Peshawar.


Tuesday, 5th December 1905


0034      Private Departure




Wednesday, 6th December 1905


TBD       H. R. H. the Princess continues journey to Lord Kitchener’s Camp, Rawalpindi.

TBD       H. R. H. the Prince attends Maneuvers.

0800      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset shoot on elephants. (13 miles from Kapurthala)  I-[lxv]




Thursday, 7th December 1905


TBD       H. R. H. the Prince attends Maneuvers.




Friday, 8th December 1905

1330      H. R. H. the Prince arrives Lord Kitchener’s Camp.

1400      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset motor to Jellundur. I-[lxvi]

1525      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset take train from Jellundur to Rajpura.

1600      Garden Party.

1800      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Rajpura.

1823      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset carriage to Patiala. (17 miles)

1940      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Patiala.

TBD       Four Officers from the “Renown” join Cust and Godfrey-Faussett in Patiala. (Kelburne, Fullerton, Wilson, & Oliphant)

2000      Banquet.

TBD       Final Review of troops.

TBD       Visit different Camps.

TBD       Banquet.

TBD       Military Tatoo.

2230      Private departure.




Saturday, 9th December 1905


0830      Public arrival.

1130      Receive the visit of the Maharaja.

1230      Return the visit of the Maharaja.

1600      Exhibition of Lama Dancers.

2000      Banquet.

TBD       Dugdales arrive in Patiala from Rawal Pindi. I-[lxvii]


Sunday, 10th December 1905


0800      Godfrey-Faussett, Kelburne, Fullerton, Wilson, & Oliphant go Pig Sticking in Patiala. I-[lxviii]

1100      Divine Service

1700      Godfrey-Faussett, Kelburne, Oliphant play Polo with Maharajah’s men.

2145      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset take train from Patiala to Jahhal.

2230      Private departure




Monday, 11th December 1905


TBD       Cust and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Jahhal. I-[lxix]

0815      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset take ‘special’ train from Jahhal to Delhi via Jindh.

0830      Private arrival.

1130      Visit Khalsa College.

TBD       Drive to Golden Temple.

1400      Cust and Godfrey-Fausset arrive Delhi.

1630      Visit Ram Bagh.

2000      Dinner in the train.

2200      Private departure.




Tuesday, 12th December 1905


1000         Public arrival. I-[lxx]

TBD       Drive to Circuit House.

TBD       Presentation of Municipal Address at Town Hall.

TBD       Visit Fort and Jama Musjid.


Wednesday, 13th December 1905


1115      Receive visit of: Raja of Sirmur.

1200      Return visit to the Raja of Sirmur. I-[lxxi]

1530      Visit Ridge and other sights in Delhi.

1945      State Banquet.

2200      Reception for Native Dignitaries and Officers.


Thursday, 14th December 1905


1030      Motor to Humayun’s Tomb.

1200      Motor to Kutab Minar for lunch. I-[lxxii]

1600      Return to Delhi via Safdar Jang’s Tomb.


Friday, 15th December 1905


1100      Return visit of the Raja of Sirmur.

1530      Drive to Durbar Amphitheatre and    Rushanara Gardens.

2130      Drive to the train station, and board the Royal Train. I-[lxxiii]


Saturday, 16th December 1905


0300      Private departure.




Saturday, 16th December 1905


0930      Public arrival. I-[lxxiv]

TBD       Municipal Address.

1600      Garden Party at Secundra Gardens.

2000      Dinner Party. (60 people)

2030      Visit the Taj Mahal in moonlight.


Sunday, 17th December 1905


1100      Divine Service.

TBD       Visit the Taj Mahal. I-[lxxv]

1500      Visit Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb.

TBD       Visit the Taj Mahal for sunset.


Monday, 18th December 1905


0600      Visit the Taj Mahal for sunrise.  I-[lxxvi]

1000      Visit Fort.

1600      Unveiling of the Statue of the late Queen-Empress.

2000      Banquet (25 people) followed by General Reception (300-400 people).


Tuesday, 19th December 1905


1000      Motor to Fatehpur-Sikri. (23 miles – 1 hour) I-[lxxvii]




1100      Arrive Fatehpur-Sikri.

1600      Return by motor to Agra.

1700      Tea or last trip to the Taj Mahal.

2300      Private departure.




Wednesday, 20th December 1905


0725      Train stops at Bemore for breakfast and dressing. I-[lxxviii]

0925      Depart Bemore for Morar Station.

1015      Arrive Morar Station, Gwalior: H.H. the Maharaja of Gwalior comes on board the Train.

1030      Public arrival.

TBD       Elephant ride to the Palace.  (1-½ miles – 30 minutes)

1255      Prince of Wales received by the Maharaja in the south verandah of the Palace. I-[lxxix]

1300      Durbar in the Palace.

1700      Opening of the Victoria Memorial Market.

TBD       Fireworks. I-77


Thursday, 21st December 1905


1000      Review Imperial Service and other troops. (4,807 Troops) I-[lxxx]

TBD       H.R.H. distributes medals.

TBD       Military maneuvers and mock fight.

1600      Military Sports.

2000      State Banquet.


Friday, 22nd December 1905


1030      Motor to Pannihar Camp. (20 miles on Sipri Road) I-[lxxxi]

TBD       Tiger Shoot. (Hunting)

1630      Late lunch.

TBD       Motor back to Gwalior.


Saturday, 23rd December 1905


TBD       H.R.H and H.H. Tiger Shoot. (Hunting) I-[lxxxii]

1200      Special Train and Horses to Maharajah’s ‘bungalow shooting box’.

TBD       Lunch.

1400      Blackbuck Shoot.

TBD       Dinner at the Palace.


Sunday, 24th December 1905


1100      Divine Service.

TBD       Display of Maharaja’s Jewels in the    Durbar Hall.  I-[lxxxiii]

1530      Visit Fort.

1700      Observe the Maharaja’s four Lions.

TBD       Dinner in the Palace.

TBD       Concert in the Guest House.


Monday, 25th December 1905 (Christmas Day) I-[lxxxiv]


TBD       Breakfast.

TBD       Royal Party exchanges Christmas presents.

TBD       Motor to Cantonment Church in Morar. (6 miles away)

1100      Divine Service in Morar by Bishop of Nagpur. 

TBD       Motor out 20 miles, and walk 2 to Machoun for Shoot.

TBD       Princess of Wales’ Christmas Party for Native Children in the Durbar Hall

TBD       Tiger Shoot. (Hunting)

TBD       Dinner.

2330      Private departure.




Tuesday, 26th December 1905


0930      Public arrival. I-[lxxxv]

TBD       Municipal Address.

1200      Receive visits of: Nawab of Rampur.

1215      Raja of Tehri.

TBD       H.R.H. accompanied by the Princess of Wales will lay the foundation stone of the medical college.

1600      Visit Residency where (about 30) Mutiny Veterans will be presented.

TBD       Princess lays a wreath on the grave of Sir Henry Lawrence.

2145      Entertainment and illuminations, given by Talukdars of Oudh at the Kaiser Bagh.

TBD       Talukdars presented to H.R.H. by Maharaja Sir Partab Narain Singh, K.C.I.E.

TBD       Fireworks.


Wednesday, 27th December 1905


TBD       Select Native Chiefs call on H.R.H. I-[lxxxvi]

1130      Public Durbar to receive visits from Talukdars of Oudh. I-[lxxxvii]

1230      Return Nawab of Rampur’s visit.

1600      Garden Party at Hosainabad.

2000      State Dinner at the Chutter Munzil    followed by Levee. (92 people).


Thursday, 28th December 1905


TBD       Drive around Cantonments with General Officer Commanding, 8th Division.

1300      Private departure. I-[lxxxviii]




Friday, 29th December 1905


1500      Train arrives at Calcutta.  I-[lxxxix]

TBD       Cross the Hugli on the Steamer “Howrah”.

1520*   Public arrival at Prinsep’s Ghat.

TBD       Municipal Address.

TBD       Presentation of jeweled necklace to the Princess by the ‘Corporation’.

2130      Levee

2140      Receiving Line (2,220 People in the receiving line)

2320      Levee ends.


* Standard Time


Saturday, 30th December 1905


TBD       Polo match between Imperial Cadet Corps and Calcutta. I-[xc]

TBD       Presentation of Colors to the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.

1500      Races. (Prince of Wales’ Cup)

2000      Dine with the Lieutenant-Governor at Belvedere. (30-36 People)

2300      Return to Government House.


Sunday, 31st December 1905


1030      Divine Service at the Cathedral.

1200      Proceed to Barrackpore.

1600      Return from Barrackpore.


Monday, 1st January 1906 (New Year’s Day) I-[xci]


0830      Proclamation Parade / Review of Troops. (3-4,000)

1000      Group Photos at Government House.

TBD       Polo Match.

TBD       H.R.H. tea with the Aga Khan.

1600      Princess of Wales attends Purdah Party at Belvedere.

1945      State Banquet at Government House. (Men only – 144)


Tuesday, 2nd January 1906


1115      Receive Tongsa Penlop and Tashi Lama at Hastings House. I-[xcii]

TBD       Receive the visit of the Maharaja of Sikkim.

1330      Lunch with Maharaja of Kuch Behar.

1630      Native entertainment on Maidan.

2130      Reception and Dinner at Government House. (About 50 people)

TBD       Dance in the Ball Room.


Wednesday, 3rd January 1906


TBD       Lunch with the Chief Justice and Lady Maclean. (About 20 people) I-[xciii]

TBD       Visit the museum.

1630      Garden Party, Government House.

TBD       Dinner with Lord Kitchener.

TBD       After dinner drive through city to see illuminations.


Thursday, 4th January 1906


TBD       Polo Tournament I-[xciv]

1600      H. R. H. will lay foundation stone of the Victoria Memorial Hall.

2200      State Ball. (2,500 people)


Friday, 5th January 1906


TBD       Prince of Wales attends University     Convocation. I-[xcv]

TBD       Return visit of the Tashi Lama.

TBD       Return visit of the Maharaja of Sikkim.

TBD       Return visit of Tongsa Penlop.

TBD       Polo Tournament

TBD       T.R.H. depart by train to Barrockpure.




TBD       T.R.H. arrive Barrockpure I-[xcvi]


Originally it was planned that T.R.H.s would depart Calcutta on the 6th January 1906 to go to Darjeeling, returning to Calcutta on the 9th January 1906 for the trip to Burma.  Darjeeling was cut from the itinerary to give the Prince and Princess a break at the Viceroy’s retreat in Barrockpure, 20 minutes by train from Calcutta.  Lord and Lady Minto, their daughters Lady Eileen and Lady Ruby Minto, along with Derek and Mrs. Keppel, and Sir Arthur Bigge were the only ones to accompany them on this respite.




Saturday, 6th January to Tuesday, 9th January 1906


Cancelled to give T.R.H.s a break before going to Burma.


Saturday, 6th January 1906


ALL        T.R.H.s rest at Barrockpure. I-[xcvii]


Sunday, 7th January 1906


ALL        T.R.H.s rest at Barrockpure. I-[xcviii]

TBD       Members of the Royal Party join T.R.H.s and Lord and Lady Minto at Barrockpure for lunch.


Monday, 8th January 1906


ALL        T.R.H.s rest at Barrockpure. I-[xcix]


Tuesday, 9th January 1906


0830      Royal Party in Calcutta take a Steamer down the River to the “Renown” and “Terrible”. I-[c]

TBD       T.R.H.s depart Barrockpure.

1600      Arrive Diamond Harbour.

1600      T.R.H.s arrive at “Renown” on the “Guide”. (The Lieutenant Governors Yacht)

2200      Members of Staff arrive at the “Terrible”.




Wednesday, 10th January 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Thursday, 11th January 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Friday, 12th January 1906


ALL        At Sea.

1815      “Renown” and “Terrible” arrive off Rangoon. I-[ci]

TBD       Dinner Party on board “Renown”.




Saturday, 13th January 1906


0830      Public arrival.

TBD       Municipal Address.

TBD       Carriage ride to Government House. (45 minutes) I-[cii]

1630      Opening of the Victoria Memorial Park.

2015      State Banquet.

TBD       Reception. (300 people)


Sunday, 14th January 1906


1030      Frank Dugdale and Bryan Godfrey-Faussett go to the market to select things for T.R.H.s to buy. I-[ciii]

1100      Divine Service.

1630      Visit Shwe Daon Pagoda.

TBD       Lieutenant-Governor’s Dinner Party for the Staff.


Monday, 15th January 1906


1100      Visit Teak Yards.

1600      Garden Party at Government House. I-[civ]

1845      Dinner.

2115      Illuminations on the Lake and in Dalhousie Park.

2300      Private departure by train to Mandalay.




Tuesday, 16th January 1906


0713      Train stops at Thawatti for Early Tea. (10 minutes)  I-[cv]

0824      Train stops at Kyidaunggan for Dressing. (30 minutes)

0919      Train Stops at Shwemyo for Breakfast. (1 hour and 21 minutes)

1345      Train Stops at Kume Road Station for Lunch. 

1630      Public arrival.

TBD       Municipal Address.

TBD       Carriage ride to Government House.

TBD       Dinner Party at Government House.


Wednesday, 17th January 1906


TBD       Carriage ride to town to visit the Bazaar. I-[cvi]

1030      Visit Palace, Arakan Pagoda and Zegyo Bazar.

1600      Boat races on Moat and Garden Party.

TBD       Burmese Theatre at the Palace.




The Royal Party made the return trip from Mandalay to Prome on the Irrawaddy River on the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company’s Steamer “Japan”.  The Prince and his staff spent a half-day duck hunting on Lake Paunglin.  The Royal Party returned by train from Prome to Rangoon.


2300      Private departure on the steamer “Japan”.


Thursday, 18th January 1906


ALL        On river Irrawaddy. I-[cvii]

1500      “Japan” anchored for the day.

TBD       Dinner Party for those on board.


Friday, 19th January 1906


ALL        On river Irrawaddy. I-[cviii]

0630      “Japan” continues to Paunglin.

1330      “Japan” anchors at Paunglin.   




1500      Duck Shoot at Paunglin.


Saturday, 20th January 1906


TBD       On river.

1730      Arrive at Prome. I-[cix]




TBD       Visit the Golden Pagoda.

TBD       Dinner Party on board the “Japan”.

2230      Leave for Rangoon.




Sunday, 21st January 1906


0630         Arrive Rangoon.   I-[cx]

TBD       Private departure direct from train.

0800      Leave shore in the “Togo” for the “Renown” and “Terrible”.




0930      “Renown” and “Terrible” with escort ships “Fox” and “Perseus” get under way.


Monday, 22nd January 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Tuesday, 23rd January 1906


ALL        At Sea.




Wednesday, 24th January 1906 


1400      “Renown” and “Terrible” anchor in Madras harbour. I-[cxi]

1625      Public arrival. I-[cxii]

TBD       Municipal Address.

TBD       Carriage procession through Madras to Government House.

1945      State Banquet. I-[cxiii]          

2145      Levee. (800 people)


Thursday, 25th January 1906


1030      Mizaj Pursee.  H.H. The Rajah of Cochin. I-[cxiv]

1035      H.H. The Rajah of Pudukottai.

1130      Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales departs Government House to visit Victoria Caste and Gosha Hospital accompanied by Lady Ampthill.

1250      His Royal Highness receives a visit from H.H. Rajah of Cochin.

1310      His Royal Highness receives a visit from H.H. Raja of PudukottaiI-[cxv]

               - These visits will take place in the Drawing Room of Government House.

1500      His Royal Highness departs Government House for the Banqueting Hall

1500      H.R.H. grants audience to the Zemindars and Noblemen invited to Madras in honour of the Royal Visit.

TBD       Address of Landholder’s Association.

1630      T.R.H. will start drive to Guindy for Tea in the gardens (the drive to Guindy takes 45 minutes by the Mount Road).

               - The return journey by St. Thome and the Marina takes 55 minutes.

1945      Small Dinner Party – Hosted by His     Excellency the Governor and Lady Ampthill.

2000      T.R.H. will enter the Drawing Room.

2120      His Excellency the Governor and Lady Ampthill and the Suite of T.R.H. depart Government House.

2130      T.R.H depart Government House.

2140      T.R.H. attend entertainment arranged by the general public of Madras and receive an Address from the People of the Madras Presidency.


Friday, 26th January 1906


1245      H.R.H. will leave Government House (the drive from Government House to H.H. the Rajah of Cochin’s takes 15 minutes.)I-[cxvi]

1300      H.R.H. returns Visit of H.H. The Rajah of Cochin.

1530      H.R.H. accords certain interviews with Native Gentlemen in the Drawing Room of Government House.

1650      His Excellency the Governor and Lady Ampthill depart Government House.

1655      The Suite of T.R.H. depart Government House.

1700      T.R.H depart Government House.

1710      Lay Foundation-stone of Victoria Technical Institute – the Madras Memorial to the late Queen-Empress.

2140      The Suite of T.R.H. depart Government House and walk to the Banqueting Hall to meet T.R.H. at the Grand Entrance.

2145      T.R.H depart Government House for Banqueting Hall.

- A procession will be formed from the entrance to the Dias at the top of the Banqueting Hall, where T.R.H. will be received by the Governor and Lady Ampthill(600 people) I-[cxvii]

2145      General Reception at Banqueting Hall.

- When T.R.H wish to return to Government House the procession will be re-formed, and T.R.H. will drive back to Government House.

TBD       Private supper in the Dining Room at Government House after the Reception.


Saturday, 27th January 1906


1530      Carriage at Government House to take Her Royal Highness to the Banqueting Hall. I-[cxviii]  

1530      Her Royal Highness the Princess attends a small Purdah Party given by Lady Ampthill in the Banqueting Hall.

1630      The Governor and Lady Ampthill receive guests for the Garden Party.

1700      Garden Party.

1700      The Governor and Lady Ampthill meet T.R.H. and Staff at the Entrance to Government House and conduct them to a Shamianah in the Garden where the guests will be presented.

1945      Diner Party. (About 40 people) I-[cxix]

2000      T.R.H. will enter the Dining Room.


Sunday, 28th January 1906


1040      His Excellency the Governor and Lady Ampthill and the Suite of T.R.H. depart Government House. I-[cxx]

1045      T.R.H depart Government House.

1100      Divine Service in the St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fort Saint George.

1945      Private Diner.

2130      His Excellency the Governor and Lady Ampthill and the Suite of T.R.H. depart Government House.

2135      T.R.H depart Government House.

2145      Private departure from Central Station.

               - Only the Governor and Lady Ampthill and their Staff, and the Commissioner of Police present.




Monday, 29th January 1906


1530      Public arrival. I-[cxxi]

1615      Mizaj Pursee from the Maharaja of Mysore.

1630      Receive visit from Maharaja.

1750      Return visit to Maharaja.

2000      Dinner in the Camp. (90 people)


Tuesday, 30th January 1906


1130      Lay foundation stone of Industrial Hall at the Technical InstituteI-[cxxii]




1300      Motor to Seringapatam(8 miles)




TBD       Return to Mysore.

2000      Banquet followed by fireworks. (About 100 people)


Wednesday, 31st January 1906


1000      Motor to Karapur Shooting Camp. (45 miles) I-[cxxiii]




1300      Arrive Karapur Shooting Camp.


The capture of wild elephants in Mysore is called a “Khedda”, and only occurs every 12-15 years.  First the elephants are driven into a large (30-40 Acre) enclosure called a Khedda, and then the elephants are driven in small groups into a small circular (15 yard) enclosure to allow each elephant to be secured.  T.R.H.s observed the initial drive on the 31st January 1906, with the Prince releasing the gate.  They observed the “Khedda” or securing of the wild elephants on the 2nd February 1906, with the Princess releasing the gate to the smaller enclosure.  Bryan Godfrey-Faussett wrote an article published in England about this before they returned home.


1630      Motor to the site of the Wild Elephant Drive. (6 miles)

TBD       Observe the Wild Elephant Drive.

TBD       H.R.H. releases the gate of the Khedda to hold the captured elephants. 


Thursday, 1st February 1906


ALL        Karapur Shooting Camp. I-[cxxiv]

1000      Bison and Sambur Hunt from Elephants. 

TBD       Lunch.

1500      Motor to another area for a Tiger Shoot. (8 miles)


Friday, 2nd February 1906


ALL        Karapur Shooting Camp. I-[cxxv]

1000      Observe the “Khedda”.


Saturday, 3rd February 1906


ALL        Karapur Shooting Camp. I-[cxxvi]

1000      Motor to Tiger Shoot. (23 miles)

TBD       Return to Camp.


Sunday, 4th February 1906


TBD       Breakfast. I-[cxxvii]

TBD       Divine Service at Camp.

TBD       Motor to Mysore.




TBD       Return to Mysore.

TBD       Tour the Palace and Zoo.

TBD       Divine Service. (Bishop of Madras)      

2330      Private departure.




Monday, 5th February 1906


0830      Public arrival. (In mourning for the death of the King of Denmark) I-[cxxviii]

TBD       Municipal Address.

TBD       Carriages to the Residence.

1600      Unveiling of the Statue of the late      Queen-Empress.

TBD       Flower show at the botanical garden & Zoo.

2000      Banquet. (98 people)

TBD       General Reception. (350 people)


Tuesday, 6th February 1906


TBD       H.R.H. presents a new standard to the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers). I-[cxxix]

TBD       Visit Hospital.

TBD       Morning Drive to Cantonment

1015      ‘Carriage & Man’ to accompany the Princess of Wales’ maid “to show her the shops” I-[cxxx]

1630      Garden Party.

1830      Special Staff Train departs for Hyderabad.


Wednesday, 7th February 1906


1030      T.R.H. private departure by narrow gauge train to Guritakal. I-[cxxxi]

1500      Special Staff Train arrives at Guritakal.

1940      Narrow Gauge train arrives at Guritakal and T.R.H. board Royal Train for Hyderabad.




Thursday, 8th February 1906


0815      Public arrival. I-[cxxxii]

TBD       Carriage procession to Falaknomah Castle.

1130      Receive H. H. the Nizam.

1230      Return visit to His Highness.

1630      Sports and shooting demonstration.


Friday, 9th February 1906


The Nizam’s favorite daughter (the Sahebzadi Saheba) died of Tuberculosis the morning of the 9th February 1906, and he went into three days of morning in the Palace.  All native participation in the visit essentially came to a halt. I-[cxxxiii]


0730      Motor to Secunderabad.

0800      Parade of the Secunderabad Garrison. (8,000 troops)

TBD       Presentation of Colours to 2nd Queen’s Own Rajput Light Infantry.

1230      Private visit of H. H. the Nizam. (Cancelled due to the death of the Nizam’s daughter)

1700      Lay foundation stone of the Victoria Zenana Hospital.

2000      Dinner at the Residency.

TBD       General Reception. (3-400 people)


Saturday, 10th February 1906


TBD       Drive before breakfast.

TBD       Visit Orphanage.

TBD       H.R.H. private visit to the Nizam to offer condolences and say goodbye. I-[cxxxiv]

TBD       Drive to Golconda for tour.

2000      Banquet at the Palace. (Cancelled)

2300      Private departure to Nekonda


The Princess and Her Staff remained in Hyderabad while the Prince and His Staff went on the hunt.  The Princess spent the 11th to 14th February visiting the Hyderabad Exhibition of Arts, Industries, and Manufactures, and touring the ancient capital city of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty at Golconda. She privately received the Nizam, and returned His visit at the Palace after His three days of mourning for his daughter’s death. I-[cxxxv]




Sunday, 11th February 1906


0745      Arrive Nekonda.

0845      Motor to Nursumpet Camp. (12 miles) I-[cxxxvi]




1130      Divine Service at Camp. (Bishop of Madras)

2000      Dinner.


Monday, 12th February 1906


ALL        Nursumpet Shooting Camp. I-[cxxxvii]

1000      Tiger Hunt. (Cancelled)

1300      Lunch.

1700      Motor to 900-year-old manmade Pakhal Lake. (7-9 miles)


Tuesday, 13th February 1906


ALL        Nursumpet Shooting Camp. I-[cxxxviii]

1100      Tiger Hunt in Allumburg. (3 miles from Camp)

1130      H.R.H. in the ‘Machan’. - The Prince got a Tiger (9ft1in) and a Panther (7ft6in), both with one shot each.

TBD       Lunch at carriages.

TBD       Tiger Hunt at another location. - Prince got another Tiger (9ft5in). (800 beaters employed) 


Wednesday, 14th February 1906


ALL        Nursumpet Shooting Camp. I-[cxxxix]

1000      Duck Shoot on a Lake. (9 miles from Camp)

TBD       Lunch at the Camp.

TBD       “General Beat” Hunt. - Prince got a third Tiger.




Thursday, 15th February 1906


1600      Jungle Cock Shoot from elephants. I-[cxl]

1800      Motor to Nekonda Railway Station.

2000      Depart in Train for Secunderabad.

TBD       Dine in train.


Friday, 16th February 1906


TBD       Arrive Secunderabad.  (Princess and Staff rejoin the Prince on the Train) I-[cxli]

TBD       Train from Secunderabad to Benares.

ALL        In train.


Originally it was planned to make stops at Daulatabad, Manmar, and Timarni, however these were all cancelled to allow a little downtime for T.R.H.s, and additional time in Benares.




Saturday, 17th February 1906


0930      Private arrival.

TBD       Visit Caves of Ellora.

1745      Private departure.




TBD       Dine in broad gauge train at Manmar.


Saturday, 17th February 1906 I-[cxlii]


ALL        In train.




Sunday, 18th February 1906


TBD       In train.

TBD       Divine Service at Timarni.




Sunday, 18th February 1906


0900      Private Arrival. I-[cxliii]

1000      Motor to Sarnath.

TBD       Tour the ruins and Buddhist Temple.

TBD       Motor across the Dufferin Bridge over the Ganges and back, and through Benares.

TBD       Lunch at Prince of Wales’s Camp.

TBD       Take a boat down the River to see the ‘Gourkha Temple’.

1800      Church Service to mark the Funeral of the King of Denmark.

TBD       Dinner in Camp. 


Monday, 19th February 1906


1130      Receive visit of His Highness the Maharaja.

1230      Presentation of Municipal Address.

TBD       Procession through the city on Elephants. I-[cxliv]

TBD       Reception of prominent Native gentlemen.

1600      Drive with His Highness the Maharaja.

2000      Banquet in a large tent. (100 people)

TBD       General      Reception. (Cancelled due to weather)


On the 19th February 1906 the Royal Party was notified about a Cholera outbreak in the Shooting Camp in Nepal, and the decision was made to cancel the hunting expedition. 


The decision was also made to split up the Royal Party into smaller groups to do different things during the two-week period.


Tuesday, 20th February 1906


0800      Visit to Bathing Ghats.

1000      Breakfast in Camp. I-[cxlv]

1130      Inspection of local industries.

1630      Motor to Asi Ghat

TBD       Board State Barges and cross River to Ramnagar to return the visit of the Maharaja.

TBD       T.R.H.s received by the Maharaja.

TBD       Tour the Palace.

1800      Board State Barges to see illuminations.

TBD       Carriage back to Camp.

2230      Private departure.


The final decision was made on the 20th February 1906 as to the new plan for the two weeks that were to be spent in Nepal. 


- The Princess and Her Staff along with Sir Walter Lawrence and Major Watson continue Her original program going from Benares to Cawnpore, Lucknow, and Agra, then north to Rurki, Landour, Haridwar, Dehra Dun, Mussoorie, Mokampur, and Rajpur, before returning to linkup with the Prince at Hathras Junction.


- The Prince with Sir Arthur Bigge, General Beatson, and General Pratap Singh, and two other members of the Indian Staff will return to Gwalior to be entertained by the Maharajah of Gwalior.


- Cust, Keppel, Crichton, Roberts, Tyrwhitt, and Godfrey-Faussett remain with the Maharajah of Benares to be entertained on his land 50 miles from Benares.  After a week this group splits further with Crichton and Keppel meeting their wives, Cust and Tyrwhitt going to Rewa to shoot, and Godfrey-Faussett joining Frank Dugdale in Lucknow.


Wednesday, 21st February 1906


TBD       Parade of the South Staffordshire Regiment. I-[cxlvi]

TBD       H.R.H. presents new Colors to the Regiment.

1200      Prince (with Bramby the policeman) takes a private tour of the sites.

1200      Princess (with Radice the Civil Service Collector) private tour of the sites.

TBD       Dinner

TBD       Royal Train departs Benares for Lucknow. I-[cxlvii]




Wednesday, 21st February 1906 to Tuesday, 6th March 1906


Cancelled due to a cholera outbreak in Nepal.


Thursday, 22nd February 1906


0830      Royal Train arrives at Lucknow. I-[cxlviii]

TBD       Breakfast.

TBD       H.R.H. meets with Maharaja of Jaipur at the Lucknow train station.

1000      Prince & Staff depart in Royal Train for Gwalior.

TBD       Princess & Staff drive to Government House.

TBD       Train stops at Cawnpore for two hours. I-[cxlix]

TBD       Train continues to Gwalior.

TBD       H.R.H. arrives at Gwalior.


Friday, 23rd February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[cl]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Lucknow.

1300      Princess takes train to Cawnpore. I-[cli]

TBD       Princess inspects the leather works.

TBD       Princess visits the Cawnpore Woollen Mills.

TBD       Princess visits the Memorial Gardens, the Massacre Ghat, and the Memorial Church.

1730      Princess takes train back to Lucknow.


Saturday, 24th February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clii]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Lucknow.

TBD       Princess attends the Royal Dragoon Circus.


Sunday, 25th February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[cliii]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Lucknow.

TBD       Princess visits the Station Hospital.

TBD       Princess attends the Muharram Festival.


Monday, 26th February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[cliv]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Lucknow.

TBD       Princess & Staff take train to Agra.


Tuesday, 27th February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clv]

0830      Princess & Staff arrive in Agra. I-[clvi]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Agra.

TBD       Princess tour the Fort.

TBD       Princess receives the Maharaja of Bharatapur and His Mother.

TBD       Princess motors to Chini-ka-Rosa.

TBD       Princess motors to the Taj Mahal for sunset.

TBD       Princess & Staff take train to Dehra Dun.


Wednesday, 28th February 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clvii]

1030      Princess & Staff arrive in Dehra Dun. I-[clviii]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Dehra Dun.

TBD       Princess takes a motor tour around the Cantonments in Dehra Dun. I-[clix]

TBD       Princess has Tea at the Mess of the 2nd Gurkhas.


Thursday, 1st March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clx]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Dehra Dun.

TBD       Princess motors to Konwalla. I-[clxi]


Friday, 2nd March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxii]

TBD       Princess & Staff motor to Mussoorie. I-[clxiii]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Mussoorie.

TBD       Princess motors to Rajpure.

TBD       Princess has lunch at the Charleville   Hotel. I-[clxiv]

TBD       Princess visits the Soldier’s Home at Landour.

TBD       Princess visits the Mussoorie Convent.


Saturday, 3rd March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxv]

TBD       Princess & Staff motor to Dehra Dun. I-[clxvi]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Dehra Dun.


Sunday, 4th March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxvii]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Dehra Dun.

TBD       Princess attends service at Christ Church.  I-[clxviii]


Monday, 5th March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxix]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Dehra Dun.

TBD       Princess motors to the Mohan Pass and Assaroie.

1630      Princess visits the Hurbanswala Tea Gardens. I-[clxx]


Tuesday, 6th March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxxi]

ALL        Princess & Staff in Hardwar. ­ I-[clxxii]

TBD       Princess visits Bathing Ghats.

TBD       Princess has Tea at the Canal Bungalow.

TBD       Princess visits the Head Works of the Ganges Canal.


Wednesday, 7th March 1906


ALL        Prince & Staff in Gwalior. I-[clxxiii]

TBD       Princess & Staff motor to Rurki. ­ I-[clxxiv]

TBD       Princess foundry and Thomson College.

TBD       Princess & Staff take train to Hathras Junction to meet the Prince.

TBD       Royal Party reunites at Hathras Junction.

TBD       Depart Hathras Junction for Aligarh. 

ALL        In train.




Thursday, 8th March 1906


1300      Public arrival. I-[clxxv]

TBD       T.R.H.s lunch and tour of Mayo College.

TBD       Army sports display.

1830      Private departure.


Friday, 9th March 1906


ALL        In train.


Saturday, 10th March 1906


1600      Public arrival.


Sunday, 11th March 1906


TBD       Divine Service.




Monday, 12th March 1906


1000      Public arrival.

1130      Municipal Address at the Residency.

1500      Visit of Khan of Khelat.

1515      Visit of Jam of Las-Bela.


Tuesday, 13th March 1906


1130      Public Durbar for the reception of Sardars, Native officials and Levy Corps at the Sandeman Durbar Hall. I-[clxxvi]

1530      Return visit to the Khan of Khelat.

2000      Banquet and Reception of Civil, Military and Native officers.


Wednesday, 14th March 1906


0900      Drive round Cantonment with General Officer Commanding Division (Major-General Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien).

TBD       Leave Quetta.


Thursday, 15th March 1906


ALL        Her Royal Highness the Princess remains at Quetta.




1030      Arrive Chaman.    

TBD       Presentation of Colours to the 27th Baluch Light Infantry.




TBD       Return to Quetta.


Friday, 16th March 1906


1000      Public departure.




Saturday, 17th March 1906


0830      Public arrival.

TBD       Municipal Address.

1100      Receive visit of Mir of Khairpur.

1120      Receive visits of three remaining Mirs.

1200      Return visit of Mir of Khairpur.

1800      Unveiling of the statue of the late Queen-Empress.

2030      Banquet followed by General Reception.


Sunday, 18th March 1906


TBD       Divine Service.

TBD       Farewell Dinner for the Indian Staff. (23 people) I-[clxxvii]


Monday, 19th March 1906


TBD       Breakfast. I-[clxxviii]

TBD       Investiture at Government House.

TBD       Staff travelling on the “Terrible” go to the ship.

TBD       Royal Party boards the “Renown”.




1700      Public departure - “Renown” leaves the harbor.

2130      Fireworks display from Admiral Poe’s Flagship the “Hermes”.


Tuesday, 20th March 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Wednesday, 21st March 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Thursday, 22nd March 1906


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       An Assault At Arms demonstration on the “Terrible”. I-[clxxix]


Friday, 23rd March 1906


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       “Renown” & “Terrible” anchor off Aden for Coaling. I-[clxxx]

TBD       Mail delivered.

TBD       Duke & Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia board the “Terrible” for the morning.

TBD       T.R.H.s board the “Terrible” for the day.

1230      Duke of Connaught’s Party goes ashore for an unveiling of a Queen Victoria Memorial.

TBD       Lunch for the entire Royal Party in the Captain’s Cabin on the “Terrible”. (18 people)

1500      “Renown”, “Terrible”, and “Perseus” (escort) sail from Aden for Suez.


Saturday, 24th March 1906


ALL        At Sea.

TBD       Concert on the Quarter Deck of the “Terrible”. I-[clxxxi]


Sunday, 25th March 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Monday, 26th March 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Tuesday, 27th March 1906


ALL        At Sea.




Wednesday, 28th March 1906


1400      “Renown” & “Terrible” arrive Suez. I-[clxxxii]

TBD       Dinner Party on board the “Renown”. (24 people)

TBD       Staff presents a gift to Sir Richard Charles, K.C.V.O. - 15” Silver Saucer with Signatures.


Thursday, 29th March 1906


1200      Go ashore at Suez. I-[clxxxiii]

1230      T.R.H.s Special Train to Cairo.




1720      Arrive Cairo.

1730      State reception by H.H. the Khedive, his brother H.H. Prince Mohammed Ali Pasha, and Lord Cromer.

TBD       Carriage procession to Abdin Palace.


Friday, 30th March 1906


ALL        In Cairo.


Saturday, 31st March 1906


TBD       T.R.H.s go to the Cairo Museum for a guided tour by Brooks Pasha. I-[clxxxiv]

TBD       H.R.H. Duke George William of Brunswick Lunch with T.R.H.s at Abdin Palace

TBD       Prince receives the members of the Egyptian Legislative Council.

TBD       Princess visits Her Highness the Khediva at Koubbeh.

TBD       T.R.H.s attends the Egyptian Army Military Tournament at Abbassia.

1830      William St. John Fremantle Brodrick, Secretary of State for India 1903-5 visits the Prince at Abdin Palace.

TBD       State Banquet at Abdin Palace. (92 people)


Sunday, 1st April 1906


TBD       T.R.H. sail down the Nile. I-[clxxxv]

TBD       T.R.H. tour the Delta Barrage and Botanical Gardens.


Monday, 2nd April 1906


0830      T.R.H.s Special Train to Bedrechein. I-[clxxxvi]

TBD       Royal Party visits Sakhara.

TBD       Royal Party visits the tombs of the Sacred Bulls.

TBD       Lunch at ‘Mariette’s House’.

TBD       Camel Rides for the Royal Party.


Tuesday, 3rd April 1906


TBD       T.R.H.s lunch with the French Consul General. I-[clxxxvii]

TBD       Attend the Bedouin Races.

TBD       Dinner Party held by Lord Cromer.


Wednesday, 4th April 1906


TBD       Royal Party visits the Pyramids at Giza. I-[clxxxviii]

TBD       Dinner at the Khedive’s house near the Pyramids.

TBD       Motor back to Abdin Palace.


Thursday, 5th April 1906


1145      T.R.H.s Special Train to Port Said. I-[clxxxix]

1630      Arrived Port Said

TBD       Dinner Party on board the “Renown”.


Friday, 6th April 1906


0600      “Renown” & “Terrible” sail for Malta.


Saturday, 7th April 1906 


ALL        At Sea.


Sunday, 8th April 1906


ALL        At Sea.


Monday, 9th April 1906


ALL        At Sea.


MALTA. - Waiting for the Royal Yacht to go to Corfu.


Tuesday, 10th April 1906


ALL        At Malta.


Wednesday, 11th April 1906


ALL        At Sea.


CORFU. - For Naval maneuvers with the King and Queen.


Thursday, 12th April 1906


ALL        At Sea off Corfu.


Friday, 13th April 1906


ALL        At Sea off Corfu.


Saturday, 14th April 1906


ALL        At Sea off Corfu.


ATHENS. - For the Olympics with the King and Queen.


Sunday, 22nd April 1906


ALL        Attend Opening Ceremonies of the 1906 Olympic Games in Athens.




Tuesday, 8th May 1906


1130      H.M.S. Renown arrives at Portsmouth. I-[cxc]

1500      T.R.H.s, children, and Staff by Special Train to Victoria Station, London.




1700      Arrived Victoria Station.

TBD       Received by the King and other members of the Royal Family on the platform.

TBD       Carriage Procession to Marlborough House.




Thursday, 17th May 1906


TBD       Reception at Guildhall, London


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